Top Hair Loss Facts Every Man Should Know

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Top Hair Loss Facts Every Man Should Know

Hair loss problem is quite common among men these days. From youngsters to older people, tens of thousands of cases come to light every year where men start losing hair suddenly. If not controlled on time, this problem can get out of hands and leave the worst possible effects on your mental and physical health. So, learn about it and take precautionary measures as early as possible. 

You can visit to know more about hair loss problems among men of all age groups. Here are some top hair loss facts that you must know in order to improve your awareness about hair issues and get rid of them smoothly. 

One of the first facts on this list is quite scary. More than 50% of hair loss issues happen even before they become noticeable. It’s because of male pattern baldness that starts showing mild symptoms initially and spreads gradually over the years. 

Usually, 20% of men in their 20s start facing mild to severe hair loss issues. This problem increases with time and the age group. There is evidence that about 30% of men in their 30s suffer from hair loss, 40% or more in their 40s face hair loss problems. This percentage keeps on increasing until they get past 90. In short, the older you are, the higher are the chances of hair loss. 

Studies suggest that close to 800,000 people look for different hair restoration treatments every year. These treatments include scalp micropigmentation, hair transplant, tattooing, etc. 

Another scary fact about hair loss is that over 35 million men in America suffer from male pattern baldness. So, if you have hair loss symptoms, you are one of the millions of men in the US going through it. Instead of neglecting it, make sure you take proper precautionary steps at the right time to prevent it from spreading further.