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Vitamin H For Hair Growth — Important Things You Must Know

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Vitamin H For Hair Growth — Important Things You Must Know

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to have perfect hair. However, due to reasons like alopecia, medical conditions (cancer, thyroid), or lack of nutrition in food, they fail to have it. Click here to know more about how you can minimize hair loss effects with scalp micropigmentation. 

Alternatively, if you are not ready for SMP, you can also look at other factors that affect hair growth. One of them is vitamin H. Here is everything you should learn about vitamin H to be able to use it for hair growth.  

What Is Vitamin H?

Vitamin H is commonly known as biotin, a part of the vitamin B series that’s considered incredibly healthy for the body. One of the reasons for hair loss is its deficiency. So, if you take vitamin H daily, you can improve hair growth significantly. 

Biotin helps the human body convert vital nutrients into energy and also promotes hair and nail growth. Besides, it also plays a crucial role in making your skin shine without any extraordinary efforts.

Sometimes, when the human body doesn’t get enough biotin, it experiences hair loss, red rashes, etc. That said, it’s rare for someone to face biotin deficiency as the body produces enough vitamin H itself. But if there is a lack of biotin in the body, you can use supplements to balance the requirement. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind here is the required intake of biotin. It isn’t easy to know by yourself how much is too much for the body. So, it’s better to contact a hair care expert, discuss your problem with them, and take medicines according to their prescription for great results.

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Hair Transplants, Scars and SMP

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Hair Transplants, Scars and SMP

Hair Transplant can cause scars at the back of the scalp. There are two major modes of hair transplant. One is the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) also known as the strip method and the second is the comparatively newer method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both these methods can cause noticeable scars on the scalp.

As stated by Scalp Micro PT, scars caused by these hair transplant techniques can be effectively covered with the help of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). SMP is a tattooing based method which is most commonly used to hide scars on the scalp. Hair transplant may not produce the desired results and people feel stranded, unable to cut their hair due to visible scars and unable to grow enough hair to hide the scars. Living with visible scars in the scalp can be very difficult. It can cause anxiety and self esteem issues in many people. By using SMP you can camouflage as much as ninety percent of your scars.

SMP can also be used in conjunction with hair transplant. By using SMP with hair transplant less donor hair is required and the process becomes easier. SMP also takes care of any scarring caused due to transplantation of hair. SMP can be used to hide scars even when a long time has passed since hair transplant. To hide the scars, SMP process involves implanting of small pigment deposits to replicate hair follicles or strands.

Apart from hiding scars caused by hair transplant, SMP can also be used to give an illusion of higher density of hair. This is of great help for people with insufficient donor hair. SMP is non-invasive and provides an easy option to have a look of fuller hair. A successful use of SMP will give the look of a buzz cut. The scars tissue can be complex and may be located on an uneven area of the scalp. The texture of the scar tissue is an important factor to consider while performing SMP. So an experienced and well trained artist is required for effectively covering the scars.

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