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What Are Primary Reasons For Eyebrow Hair Loss?

Posted by on Jul 13, 2020 in Microblading, Women's Hair Loss | 0 comments

What Are Primary Reasons For Eyebrow Hair Loss?

Much like your scalp hair, eyebrow hair can also stop growing and become thin over time. It can cause you a lot of trouble and embarrassment in case you are not prepared to handle the situation. So, learn more about what causes eyebrow hair loss to be able to prevent it from getting out of control. 

According to Liyah of Looks By Liyah, one of the main reasons for eyebrow hair loss is alopecia areata. It’s an immune system disorder that mistakenly recognizes scalp, eyebrows, and other hair-bearing body parts as its enemy and attacks them, resulting in hair loss. 

Alopecia takes years before showcasing its symptoms, so in most of the cases, patients affecting are unable to know about it for a long time. 

Another reason that can lead to hair loss in the eyebrow area is nutrient deficiency. The body needs to have sufficient vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, etc. to produce hair. 

Deficiency of vitamin A, zinc, biotin, vitamin C, iron, vitamin E, B-12, cysteine, and omega-3 can cause hair loss in adults. Besides, if you are a gym enthusiast and stay on a calorie deficit diet for a long time, then also you can experience hair fall. 

The next possible reason for eyebrow hair fall can be atopic dermatitis or eczema. It’s a skin inflammation that causes redness, itching, irritation, and oozing. Contact dermatitis also causes hair loss in the brow area. It happens due to coming in contact with a toxic or allergen irritant. 

So, if you are experiencing hair loss in the eyebrow area, it’s mostly because of the reasons mentioned above. Only an expert like Liyah can guide you through this situation and ensure that your eyebrow can grow back like the old days. Visit her immediately for a quick and efficient hair loss solution.

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What Age Do Most Men Go Bald & How To Reverse It?

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What Age Do Most Men Go Bald & How To Reverse It?

If you have started losing hair during the shower or in general, then it’s natural to wonder whether it’s a temporary condition or you are about to go bald. This confusion might force you to think about the average age when most men go bald and if it can be reversed by any means possible. Let’s address the baldness first. 

The Average Age When Men Start Losing Hair

Even after hundreds of studies, scientists and hair health research professionals are unable to give an exact age when most men go bald. Often, their answer is — it depends.

Aging is a crucial process and takes a toll on your health, including hair. Most men start losing some hair as they grow older. This process, often known as male pattern baldness, can begin at any age and keeps getting worse with time. 

When this process starts in your body depends entirely on your genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle. However, if you want to put the probability of losing hair in numbers, then you can say men in their 20s have 20% chances of losing hairs, while those who are in 30s have 25% chances of losing hair. As they grow older and enter their 50s, the chances of losing hair increase to 50%. Men in their 60s have around 66% chances of going bald. 
These are just provisional figures, and you can easily control hair loss by opting for the right treatment. Look for the best SMP in Manchester to reverse your hair loss issue and start living a healthy life once again. The experts at Team Micro can help you in this regard and ensure that losing hair doesn’t become a problem in your life ever. Visit them to learn more about SMP and its benefits.

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